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Sponsor Information
I am a:
Do you attend regularly?
Are you now in a reunion group?
Are you praying and sacrificing for your Sleeper?
Is this Sleeper's physical and mental health strong enough for an Awakening weekend?
Is this Sleeper under any temporary emotional strain that might indicate his/her weekend should be postponed?pick one!
Will you:
Bring your Sleeper to the Awakening Friday at 11:30 AM?
Attend the Sponsor's Hour Friday at 12:30 PM?
Attend The Candlelight Worship Sat. evening?
Attend the Closing Sunday afternoon?
Take them home on Sunday?
Are you able and willing to assist the Sleeper to get into a reunion/small group after the weekend?
Are you aware of the importance of MINIMAL contact with your Sleeper during the weekend?
Sponsoring a Sleeper is both a joy and a responsibility. There are things you must do before, during, and after the weekend. The Awakening is not structured to solve deep-seated problems. It is designed to provide those attending with a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
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